Zero Gravity

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Zero Gravity

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This past May, after a day of mountain biking on the classic (and stunning) Porcupine Rim Trail, we packed up and headed out into the San Rafael Swell for a few days of canyoneering with our friends David and Gee, who live in Moab and are two of our all-time favorite people.  The first canyon that we dropped into is known as Zero Gravity, and is a super fun little canyon with tight squeezes, long narrow pools of water, and stunning scenery.  It was a great escape from the dampness that is springtime in the Pacific Northwest.  I love photographing the beautiful colors and textures of the wind- and water-shaped rock in this part of the country, and canyoneering is a terrific way to get down into some spots that you wouldn’t normally otherwise get to see.  Shooting can be a little challenging in there, however, with lots of sand, tight squeezes and water to contend with, in addition to the high contrast between the dark canyon and the skies above.


Working our way into the canyon. © Eric Mickelson

Working our way into the canyon.


Amy stemming down into the first of many water-filled slots. © Eric Mickelson

Amy stemming down into the first of many water-filled slots.  I love the reflection of the sky in the water.


Swimming in the desert! © Eric Mickelson

Just out for a swim in the desert.  No big deal.


Descending into the depths.  © Eric Mickelson

Descending into the depths.


Muy Fuerte! © Eric Mickelson

Muy Fuerte!


David on the exit rappel for Zero Gravity.  © Eric Mickelson

David on the exit crack.


Sometimes it just doesn't go to plan.  © Eric Mickelson

Sometimes it just doesn’t go to plan.


Telling stories in camp after a great day of canyoneering. © Eric Mickelson

Reminiscing in camp after a great day in the canyon.







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