Night Ride

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Night Ride

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I love mountain biking at night.  Trails that you know well during the day become new and exciting, and the bright lights glowing along the trails add a magical feel to the ride.  Last night, I got out for a fun ride with some good friends, under perfect weather conditions.  Crisp and cool.  Trails were a bit muddy but still pretty fast for the most part.  While waiting for one of our group to meet up with us, I grabbed this shot of my buddy Aaron.  Great night!  Next time, though, I’ll be sure to fully charge the batteries for my lights so that I won’t need to limp home via dim borrowed backup at the end of the evening.  Glad that my more prepared riding buddies had my back!


Night ride at Galbraith Mtn, Bellingham, WA. © Eric Mickelson

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