August 8, 2017

Hazy Days

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With smoke from wildfires burning in many parts of British Columbia (as well as closer to home) producing hazy, layered landscapes and eerie blood-red sunsets, I wanted to go get some photos before the wind changed and the skies cleared.  The trails in Bellingham are mostly forested, so I did a bit of head-scratching to find an open spot that would have good sunset views and interesting trails, but was able to come up with a workable option not far from town.  After enlisting some buddies to join me, we climbed up the steep gravel road to reach trails running through a recent clearcut high above. While the smoky air did leave our throats feeling a bit dry and scratchy, the climb was over quickly, and fortunately didn’t feel too bad despite the poor air quality.  At the top, we were rewarded with beautiful hazy views, abundant pink fireweed, and the sun glowing dully through the smoke-filled skies.  As the sun drifted down towards the horizon, it colored everything first orange, then salmon, then finally red.  I grabbed some shots of the fellas riding some bedrock rolls and exposed outcrops before packing up the gear for a fun near-dark rip down the steep forested trails below.


Skye Schillhammer on an exposed section of trail high above the valley below.


Kelend Hawks rolls a steep bedrock slab.


Ty Deschaine airing onto a steep rock roll.


Not a bad place to spend a summer evening.  Ty and Skye heading towards the trails below.