April 28, 2018

Chuckanut Blurs

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At this year’s Chuckanut Enduro, I had a great time shooting a handful of pan shots towards the end of the race. Panning and other slow shutter speed action shots can always be a little hit-or-miss, but they are a blast to make, and when they work they impart a terrific sense of motion and speed.  They can be a little risky for those must-make situations where you absolutely need to get a particular shot, because at least for me they only seem to work about 10% of the time, so I’m always impressed when I see an epic pan shot of a top World Cup DH racer during their race run (here’s a good example).  That’s a gutsy call to make when you only get one crack at it, but they are pretty darn cool when they work out.  Definitely a good tool to keep in the bag of tricks.  Here are a few of my favorites from the Chuckanuts.

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