July 28, 2017

The 2017 Capitol Forest Enduro

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I made the trip down to Olympia this past weekend to shoot the Capitol Forest Enduro for Race Cascadia. I hadn’t been down to the Capitol Forest before, so it was fun to see some new trails, and it’s always a good time figuring out the logistics of shooting the various stages.  I came home sunburned, tired, and covered in about an inch of dust, but had a great time.  Fun race!

Here are a few shots from the day.  I’ve got a ton of other shots, so while I definitely wasn’t able to get photos of all the racers, please send me a message if you raced and are looking for a photo of yourself.  I’ve got prints as well as digital downloads available- contact me for pricing. Enjoy!

The start of Stage 4 had a terrific view of Mount Rainier to the east.


Kim Hardin (Pro Women) on Stage 2, streaking towards another win.


Aaron Bradford (Pro Men) railing a flat and loose turn on Stage 2.


Conditions were fast overall, but a handful of loose corners were lurking.


Luke Strobel (Pro Men) on Stage 4, en route to the overall win.


Tyler Littlefield (Pro Men) airs into a steep roller on Stage 4.


Casey Botts (Expert Men 30-29) amongst the big trees near the end of Stage 2.


Ingrid Larouche (Pro Women) makes her way through a flowy section of Stage 2.


Matt Orlando (Pro Men) negotiates some roots on Stage 2.


Matt Salladay (Pro Men) leans into a turn on Stage 2.


Brayden Buchanan (Expert Men 18-29) airs it out on Stage 4.


Forrest Montgomery (Expert Men 18-29) kicks up some dust on Stage 4.


Matthew Seeman (Expert Men 18-29) taking the outside line on Stage 2.


Nate Furbee (Pro Men) looking fast en route to a second place finish on Stage 2.


Molly Meehan (Jr Exp 17U) demonstrating that fast is fun at the top of Stage 4.


More images from the day: