September 27, 2015

A Sunny Fall Day on the River

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I spent a beautiful day out hiking along the Horseshoe Bend section of the Nooksack yesterday, Sophia riding along in the backpack, while my wife Amy kayaked with a couple of friends.  I had intended to grab a few photos of them from the trail, but one of the first rules of parenting is that everything takes a little longer than you’d think.  After a diaper change, some food, and getting loaded into raingear and the backpack, we hit the trail well after Amy and company were out of sight down the river.  Even though we had missed them, Sophia and I still had a great hike up the trail.  The day was a beautiful mix of rain clouds and sunshine, the vine maples along the trail were in full color, and Sophia absolutely loved riding along in the pack.  On our way back down, I managed to grab a couple of shots of Josh, a local kayaker out for a quick lap, as he came down SAT, the longest rapid on the run.  The sun popped out from behind the clouds just as he dropped in, making for some nice lighting on the rapid.